HOLLYWOOD—Well, last week we discovered that Kelly’s neighbor Ramsey is dead on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Sui Ling Mai’ saw Kelly at the police station being questioned about Ramsey’s death. Jeez, these police questions are exhausting and slightly dragging to say the least.

Kelly was startled to see Travis appear at the police station, and she played coy to the reason why he was called by the authorities. Once again he made threats in public, at the police station, and placed his hands on Kelly making a scene. Finally, Kelly made a public declaration against Travis, just as her former flame and his new love toy made damaging accusations. Esperanza intervened into the conversation, but did not say anything to back-up her pal’s claims, which indicates where their friendship stands.

Esperanza was spilling some serious tea that Kelly might need to get a lawyer to protect herself; wow, the police think she is culpable in Ramsey’s murder? Crazy, crazy, crazy people! Edward had a tense conversation with Steven who made it crystal clear he is aware that Andrew is missing. Eddie looked a bit scared that Steven put a tail on Eddie’s whereabouts, then covered for Lushion by producing more evidence he is not FBI. Edward was indeed scrambling.

Back at the hospital, Natalie and Lushion tended to Joey, just as Lushion received a call from Steven alerting him that he’s hoping to throw Eddie off his trail. The undercover FBI agent was losing his patience with Eddie, just as questions about Pete’s whereabouts came front-and-center, under the alias Sui Ling Mai. Alex and Randal were concerned when they learned doctors wanted to keep their son for further observations. Things got complicated when Child Protective Services got involved. Randal surely didn’t help the situation, and continued to be a complete moron, but I must say after the mess he endured he has a reason to be angry.

Alex however struck a chord when she raised issues regarding the condition of Miss Louise. Yeah, Randal worrying too much about a grudge, you should have been checking on the condition of your mother. A bit of a dirty tactic from Alex considering the audience is well aware Miss Louis is fine and dandy in a hospital bed. Travis seemed a bit unnerved by the probing questions he received from the authorities. He was certainly eating up the opportunity to drag Kelly’s name through the mud, however, he never expected the officer to pose that question about his interaction with Ramsey at Kelly’s house. Travis is indeed unstable people; the fact that he attempted to buddy up with the officer who questioned him was hilarious. Not to mention all his church talk, which we know to be untrue. Not a good idea Travis to give the authorities your cell number, you must have forgotten that you left all those crazy messages for Kelly during your jealous-fueled tirade.

At long last, Lushion finally had a conversation with Pete and provided him a gun for protection. The two swore to taking down Edward for his involvement in Pete’s shooting, not to mention Ben’s involvement as well. Randal was a complete mess as he searched his house for whereabouts on his mother, but found nothing. Back outside, Randal was in a panic as Alex arrived at her home, just as Marcie interrupted the conversation. Marcie seemed annoyed by Randal’s presence. Alex and Marcie had a tense conversation about the melee that exploded. Per usual Marcie gloated to Alex about her burgeoning relationship with Brad. Ooh, the tension between these two ladies is so heightened, that I was waiting to see these two go at each other’s throats.

Brad stopped the ladies from doing any harm to one another, before exiting the foray. The final moments of the episode saw Kelly setting up arrangements with a lawyer. Kelly’s day went from bad to worse, when she had to venture to her car to retrieve her son’s science project. She was not expecting to find Travis hiding in her backseat. Travis is indeed unsettled, and next week it looks like Travis will finally cross the edge, and a few surprises are in store for viewers. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!