HOLLYWOOD—I never expected to see dirty cop Eddie be released from police custody so soon, but his arrogance proved to be on his side in this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” ‘A Taste of Freedom’ saw Eddie get the last laugh, with Lushion and Steven left dumbfounded by his release.

However, the episode kicked off where last week left off with Randal accosting Marcie at the hospital inquiring about her presence. Alex made threats to Marcie which raised eyebrows for Randal. It was fun to watch Marcie and Alex torture Randal about his manhood. It certainly seems like Marcie gets under Randal’s skin worse than Alex does; it’s hilarious. Marcie made a call to Larry begging him to represent her in her divorce case, while also ensuring that he pushes Randal in the right direction to give her what she wants.

Kelly had a conversation with Justice about his possible involvement in Ramsey’s murder, with Natalie as a witness. If anyone can get Justice to reveal the truth, it will be his mother. The more Justice lied to his mother, the angrier she got; yes a mother knows their child better than anyone else. After pushing and pushing, Justice revealed that he did not murder Ramsey, but he was lying to help her. A tender moment to say the least, and then we got the bombshell that Travis spoke to Justice and informed him what to say to deliver fatal blows to Kelly’s case. At long last, the truth about Travis and his devious deeds are starting to surface. Natalie spoke a little bit of truth about what Travis’ revelation does for her case; yeah, the crazed ex is about to take a fall people. Kelly alerted Ian that Travis’s coerced Justice to share details about Ramsey’s murder.

Now we get to the good stuff, we learn that Eddie is a DEA undercover agent, I called it people! Lushion was livid, Eddie gloated per usual and I expect things are about to hit the fan in a major way. Steven and Lushion were not happy at the thought that Eddie slipped through their clutches and they might have to buddy up to the enemy to nail him to the coffin. Yeah, that Eddie, the guy had no shame in his game sneaking into Esperanza’s house without her permission and she was ready to fire her pistol. She questioned his release, but he did not reveal that he is DEA, but Esperanza attempted to get the truth from Lushion, but he played ball.

Eddie attempted to charm Esperanza to allowing him to stay at her home, but she refused and unleashed a bit of gunfire to prove to Eddie that she is not messing around. That was hilarious; she forced him to flee her home naked. Looks like things between Marcie and Ian is starting to heat up people. My gut instinct is telling me Marcie might attempt to utilize Ian as her baby daddy to throw off Randal. Interesting, I didn’t peg Ian as a father of three and a divorcee.

Randal received a call from Larry who wanted to speak to his pal about their planned meeting. He was stunned to learn that Larry is representing Marcie in the divorce. Randal was livid at the betrayal which only fueled his frustration even more. So what does Randal do? He mounts a floodlight on his home directly at Alex and Brad’s home. Brad was ready to pummel Randal and threats were made for a battle yet again. Randal decided to spill a bit of tea with Brad about Marcie’s attempt to get pregnant. However, Brady was not messing around and he tossed that ladder causing Randal to take a fall before ripping the floodlight and camera off the house.

Brad is not messing around people, and Randal is acting like a little b***h people! Now I was certain that Alex’s doctor had her hubby switch the paternity results, but surprise, it was NOT HER people! So the question now begs if it was not Brad and not Alex’s doctor, who was it? Man, I was totally iffy on this season of “If Loving You is Wrong,” but only four episodes in and things are getting chaotic. Dare I say this could be the best season to date? Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds!