HOLLYWOOD—I love the month of February in the soap opera arena! Why? Its sweeps, which means those storylines that have been dragging for weeks, months in some cases are coming to fruition. One of the biggest would have to be in the world of “General Hospital,” where the truth about Nelle Hayes and her agenda against Carly Corinthos-Jacks is expected to come full circle.

Audiences have been given small tidbits in recent weeks, the baby rattle with the name ‘Caroline’ written on it, the fact that Nelle is the daughter of Carly’s adoptive father Frank Benson, and the fact that this woman has a fueling hatred for her boss, not to mention Bobbie Spencer. Speaking of Bobbie, she is the key player who is certain to get the truth out of Nelle thanks to her pal Felicia who decides to do a bit of digging. Bobbie has never trusted Nelle and her intuition has proven to be accurate. Now, only if the rest of those closest to Carly could figure it out!

Nelle has already ‘bedded’ Sonny and has the guy fooled into thinking he cheated on his wife when in actuality he hasn’t. She has Michael wrapped around her finger, yet her true intentions have not yet come to the surface, but Nelle is slowly losing grip as its apparent her quest for revenge is leading her to make costly mistakes. Michael divulged to Carly that the mystery flowers came from a guy who used the initial ‘S.’ We all know Carly, once she gets a theory she won’t let it go, and I assume she put two-and-two together and suspect they are from Sonny. If Nelle is not blood-related as so many fans suspected, just what precisely did Carly do to a close relative of Nelle’s that has her seething red? I’m dying to know and it’s long overdue to say the least people!

Jason and Curtis are edging super closer to putting a face to the mystery woman who has threatened their lives. The duo is aware that culprit might be Julian’s sister, but they have no idea that it’s Olivia Jerome of all people. Julian is continuing to do Olivia’s bidding to get control of General Hospital, putting Hayden in a difficult position to cut costs anyway possible, even if it means her sister Elizabeth loses her job along the way.

Olivia is indeed a nefarious fiend; I mean this woman befriended Alexis who has been attending AA meetings. My biggest question is how NO ONE in Port Charles is familiar with Olivia except for Julian. I mean Anna would indeed know Olivia if she saw her, but there aren’t too many people in PC who would be familiar with the Jerome organization. I mean Julian hasn’t even spilled the beans to Ava that their long-lost sister has returned from the dead.

The walls are indeed closing around Olivia and while she has done dangerous things, nothing has escalated to reigns of murder, well, if you consider that Morgan is ‘dead’ than perhaps. I’m certain Morgan is very much alive and will return back to town when it’s least expect, more likely around May sweeps people. Sonny is edging closer to truth, and if not careful he could be targeting the wrong Jerome sister, Ava not Olivia and imagine the wicked Ava finally suffering for her crimes. Well, that transpired as Sonny confronted Ava at the art gallery about her possible involvement in Morgan’s death. Yeah, those pills that you switched Ava are coming back to haunt you, so it’ll be interesting to discover if Julian comes to Ava’s rescue to divulge the person behind his son’s actual ‘death.’

FYI, Franco has been cleared in the murder of Tom Baker, who was actually killed by his brother Seth, not such a twist people! As a result, Liz and Franco finally took their relationship to the next level. It appears Anna has found a new enemy in Nina, who will do all in her power to protect little Charlotte and her husband Valentin. Its appears Anna and Valentin new each other back in the day, and Valentin wasn’t the man that he currently is, but rather that tale he shared with Nina is the entire truth is still up in the air people.

While the story involving Julian and Olivia is interesting, I’m more intrigued by the outcome of this long-lost secret between Anna, Valentin and what his agenda is. After a slow few weeks, things are indeed picking up the pace on “General Hospital” just in time for sweeps!