MALIBU—The City of Malibu has launched a new citizen notification system, which will facilitate the ability of Malibu residents to access news and services. The new system has been in function as of last week, according to the Media Information Officer who informed Canyon News.

The citizen notification system is a free service that sends timely notifications concerning the City’s events, activities, emergencies, and any information specific to the user’s neighborhood.

This new service can be catered to meet the subscriber’s needs, in that he or she can control the amount and type of information received. Citizens can register for the service by visiting or through clicking on the e-Notifications link on the left-hand side of the City’s website.

Subscriptions are on a category-by-category basis—so if the user no longer wishes to receive notifications of a specific category, he or she can unsubscribe from any one of those categories. Information can be received either through email or text message.