MALIBU—On Monday, June 22 at 6:30 p.m., the Malibu City Council met at Malibu City Hall to consider a $20 million proposal to improve road conditions on the Pacific Coast Highway. Over the past five months, four traffic fatalities have occurred on the 22-mile long highway. Several other crashes this year have been severe enough to cause significant traffic buildup.

Funding for the proposed 150 improvement projects is to be provided by taxes, and grants from the government.

The study looked at parking along the Pacific Coast Highway, a big issue among cyclists, pedestrians, parked cars, and buses. There is pay parking on the beaches and valet parking at businesses, which pushes motorists to seek the free parking available on the street. This results both in sever crowding along the shoulder, and in cars having to parallel park next to speeding traffic.

To improve the situation on the shoulder of the highway, the study suggests the use of parking lots for cars typically parked on the shoulder. They are also trying to improve dangerous curves along the highway.

The most widely reported incident on the PCH was the February wreck involving then-named Bruce Jenner. Five people were injured and Kim Howe, 69, was killed in the collision. Jenner is currently being sued by the stepchildren of the deceased. Another crash on June 15, which occurred in the same vicinity resulted in the death of rapper MC Supreme. There were two additional accident fatalities in June.