MALIBU — The city of Malibu has released a free emergency survival guide for residents to prepare for the natural disasters the area faces, as announced in a July 22 press release.

“The City is dedicated to achieving community-wide preparedness for wildfires, earthquakes, floods, or any other disaster that may come, and the guide is an excellent tool to help community members prepare themselves and their families,” the city wrote in a statement.

The emergency guide goes over creating an emergency plan, preparing food and emergency supplies, basic first aid, essential phone numbers, and detailed information on Malibu’s natural hazards.

The guide provides detailed hazard survival information for fires, storms, floods, mudslides, hazardous and chemical materials, earthquakes, a pandemic flu, terrorism, extreme weather, and tsunamis. The emergency survival guide breaks down emergency preparedness into four simple steps; have a plan, keep supplies, stay informed, and get involved.

Malibu’s emergency survival guide comes in the midst of fire season, and as the city notes, “It is up to everyone in the community to do everything possible to be prepared, and this survival guide is a great place to start.” The 2018 fire season ended with the Woolsey Fire burning nearly 100,000 acres, destroying over 1,600 structures, and forcing the evacuation of 295,000 people.

The guide opens with an acknowledgment that while Malibu has scenic beauty, it also has many natural disasters, including the “annual reality of wildfire.” The guide continues, stating its purpose is “to help you survive and recover after a major disaster.”

The City of Malibu has provided many resources in an effort to mitigate future fire damage. In May, Malibu released a fire preparedness survey and later offered free home fire hazard inspections. Rebuild fee waivers are available until December 30, 2020, for homes affected by the Woolsey Fire.

Malibu’s guide is based on Los Angeles County’s Ready Set Go emergency preparedness guide and has been customized for “Malibu’s particular geography, hazards, and community characteristics.”

The guide is available electronically at or a print edition is available to pick up for free by contacting public safety specialist Sarah Kaplan at or 310-456-2489, ext. 368.