MALIBU —On Monday, June 15, the city of Malibu indicated in a press release to residents that June 1 was the brush clearing deadline. Los Angeles County Fire engine companies began conducting inspections in Malibu. The city encourages non-complying residents to meet regulations as soon as possible.

According to the press release, brush clearance is an annual responsibility which falls on property owners in high-risk wildfire zones. The entire city of Malibu falls under that classification.

The measures are in effect to create a “defensible space” which will allow firefighters to effectively minimize damages and contain any wildfire threats. According to the city of Malibu website, properties who comply with the standard have the best chances of going untouched should a fire break out. They also remind residents that having to get rechecked multiple times takes away resources from the fire department.

Those who do not comply may face repercussions. Non-compliant properties could be subject to a County administrative fine of $500 and/or a non-compliance fee of $648, to be assessed on the property tax bill. The city may legally require the clearance of hazardous vegetation.

Detailed basic bush clearance procedures can be found on the cty’s website. Some actions include removing dead hanging branches from roofs and keeping climbing plants such as bougainvilleas away from combustible structures.

For more information on how to complete brush clearance and get an inspection, visit Los Angeles County’s website.