MALIBU—On the first day of Memorial Day weekend, the Malibu Search and Rescue Team conducted two rescue operations on Saturday, May 23. Both hikers rescued suffered from leg injuries and were transported off the trails by first responders.

In the morning, a search and rescue team responded to a call around Escondido Falls of a woman who had sustained an ankle injury walking the trail. Escondido Falls features a 3.7-mile out and back trail that is usually heavily trafficked. At times, the trail has been reported to be rocky and muddy. Ropes are offered to assist hikers but the trail does become steep at one point.

Later in the afternoon, another call was reported just several miles east at Solstice Canyon, a 3.2-mile loop trail that also sees a lot of traffic and has a waterfall. A 13- year-old girl who was walking the trail just a few miles in front of the trailhead was startled by a rattlesnake, causing her to jump. She landed on her knees on top of rocks, injuring both of them in the process.

Los Angeles County Fire Department and McCormick Ambulance Service assisted Malibu Search and Rescue in both incidents.

County officials expect a large influx of visitors to visit trails countywide, amid a three-day weekend. Hikers are still encouraged to practice proper social distancing measures and are recommended to continue wearing masks.