MALIBU—After nearly a decade without a skate park in Malibu and a temporary park that recently reopened, Malibu will share plans on September 2 for the permanent skate park next to the Bluff’s Park.

A total of 4, hour-long sessions to go over the skate park’s design and hear community feedback will occur on September 2.

The city of Malibu expects the design process to be finished by early 2021, with construction beginning soon after. The construction will take an additional 14 to 16 months, marking the earliest opening for the permanent skate park as early to mid-2022.

Malibu’s previous skate park, Papa Jack’s, closed nearly 10 years ago to provide room for a Whole Foods. Since its closing, the Malibu community has pushed for a permanent skate park to be built.

Regarding Malibu’s surf skate culture and the original opening of the temporary park, Community Service Director Jesse Bobbet told Canyon News, “Malibu has a historic surf and skating culture with stars from both sports [living] in Malibu. I think the fact that we’re able to push this (the skate park) and get it done so quick, after the Woolsey Fire, it shows some good things can happen.”

On July 3, Malibu opened a temporary skate park for the community with a reservation system and social distancing requirements. Only nine days later the park closed due to a lack of masks, skaters staying longer than their reservation, and parents not social distancing.

The temporary skate park reopened yesterday with new regulations in place mirroring the reasons the temporary park originally closed. Reservations have been extended to two hours each and walk-ins are no longer allowed.

For information on how to participate in the virtual design meetings for the permanent skate park, visit