SAN FRANCISCO—The San Rafael Police Department detained, a Los Angeles man, who allegedly broke into the San Francisco Zoo on Thursday, October 15, and stole a lemur, named Maki, from the Lipman Family Lemur Forest.

The suspect has been identified as Corry McGilloway, 30, and was taken into custody by the San Francisco Police Department on multiple felony charges, including burglary and grand theft.

Maki was found by young boy from the Hope Lutheran Day School near a Daly City playground Thursday evening. The Daly City Police Department, along with Animal Care and Control were called to capture and hold Maki until officials from the San Francisco Zoo could arrive and transport him back home.

According to authorities, McGilloway had stolen a Marin sanitation truck, and after being pulled over by officers, they had noticed pictures of Maki, in McGilloway’s phone.

Authorities and zoo officials have not disclosed a motive for McGilloway’s stealing the animal.

The San Francisco Zoo is rewarding $2,100 to the Hope Lutheran Day School for the safe return of Maki, and are giving the child, who made the initial discovery of the animal, a family membership to the zoo.