HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Charlize Theron had an unexpected visitor at her Hollywood Hills home on Sunday, October 4 at 7:43 p.m.

The 54-year-old man, who has been confirmed by Los Angeles Police Department as Stanislav Sonseadec from Illinois, was holding a bouquet of flowers as he repeatedly rang her doorbell. He refused to leave, begging to meet Theron face-to-face.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Rosario Herrera said Sonseadec was arrested for stalking and taken into custody. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office reported that Sonseadec will not be charged because of lack of sufficient evidence that he intended to harm Theron. Sonseadec is from Russia and may not have understood Theron’s assistant’s repeated demands to leave the premises.

Photo of Stanislav Sonseadec from Facebook.
Photo of Stanislav Sonseadec from Facebook.

It is not clear whether Theron’s two children Jackson and August were present during the incident.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s records, Sonseadec posted bail and was released on October 5.

The actress won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in the 2004 movie “Monster.” Her next film slated for release is “The Last Face” starring Oscar-winner Javier Bardem.  The actress recently dated actor Sean Penn.

Theron joined Michelle Obama at Glamour’s “The Power Of An Educated Girl” event last week.