SANTA MONICA— A man has been arrested for allegedly throwing a full 40-ounce glass bottle at the back of a Santa Monica police officer’s head amidst the May 31 protests and riots, as announced in a July 20 press release from the Santa Monica Police Department.

Drew Miller, 38, was arrested Friday, July 17, after authorities identified him as the assailant and obtained an arrest warrant. Miller was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon upon a police officer. He was transported to the Santa Monica Jail Facility and held on $500,000 bail. The 40-ounce bottle Miller allegedly threw shattered upon the impact of the officer’s helmet and caused an injury, the SMPD reported.

On May 31, protests, riots, and looting transpired in Santa Monica after the murder of George Floyd. The SMPD has continued to investigate looting, assaults, and property damage claims that occurred on that day.

In conjunction with the FBI, SMPD recently announced a $10,000 reward for information regarding a suspect involved with a case of arson of a police vehicle on May 31. Additionally, on July 8, SMPD arrested four people for looting a Santa Monica Patagonia store on May 31.

“The Santa Monica Police Department has dedicated many resources to identify and arrest those involved in the crimes committed in our community on May 31st, 2020,” SMPD wrote in a statement released on Facebook.

Assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon is a felony in the state of California with a sentence of up to five years in state prison.

Miller’s first court appearance was scheduled for Tuesday, July 21.

SMPD encourages anyone with tips regarding crimes that occurred in Santa Monica on May 31 to share their information by calling 310-458-8451 or email