DETROIT—On Thursday, May 21, Jaydon Hayden was arrested for beating and video assaulting the elderly patient (army veteran) at the Westwood nursing center in Detroit. On May 22 the 7 action wxyz news contacted both the victims relative and the Jaydon Hayden’s father. They reported that the victims’ relatives were horrified by the video and that they were still trying to process all of this.

Jayden’s father (not wanting to reveal his name) stated that his son has autism, a history of mental health issue and behavior issue before he even came to the Westwood nursing home. Moreover, his father said his son has a pending issue. There he was accused for abusing a member in a group house in Washtenaw county.

“He has issues and for them to put him in a facility like that, nothing good was going to happen. He never should have been put in that environment” says the father of the suspect. “He should have never been housed quarantined with the victim that he eventually assaulted. That should have never happened. Someone dropped the ball. He should have closely looked in the Westwood” He continued.

He says he prays for the victim and was upset to see the video.

He said Jaydon was in a group home in Chelsea until his son told him that he was hearing voices. Then he took him to the University of Michigan to check his mental health. However, there he was diagnosed positive for covid-19 and that’s how he had moved to the nursing center.

It was suspected that Jaydon attended the Nor Wayne Boxing gym. The gym said he was not a current member and left a message on their website,

message from the website of the Nor Wayne Gym denying Jaydon’s current enrolment in their faculty.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office decided to charge the suspect this Saturday by obtaining a warrant from the prosecutors. They are planning to do formal signing after 11 a.m. on the Sunday at 34th District court.