SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica Police Department is asking its citizens to be on the look out for Daryl Louis Jr. Pitts. The suspect is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 215 pounds.

He currently has a restraining order in effect that prohibits him from being within 200 yards of the Santa Monica City Hall after an altercation he had with a fellow employee of the city. Residents are advised to notify the police immediately if Pitts is seen around the 1717 4th Street city offices.

He obtained the criminal restraining order after being taken into custody on May 27.  For more information regarding the incident involving Pitts or to report sights of Pitts make sure to contact Detective Phillip DeRyck at (310) 458-8944 or contact Sergeant Renaldi Trhuston at (310) 458-8414.