SAN FRANCISCO—A man who barricaded himself inside a San Francisco hotel bathroom, refused to come out on Thursday, May 14.

The Travelodge hotel located on 1707 Market Street, is a 3-mile drive from Twin Peaks Park and a tourist spot. The suspect created a blockage and was threatening people. He remained inside for several hours before authorities were able to negotiate terms. He claimed to be in possession of a weapon, but nothing was found by authorities.

Hotel staff reached out to local authorities when they were unable to coax him out. Reinforcements arrived a quarter to 4:00 p.m. and calmed the individual down, who after several hours, voluntarily surrendered. No use of force was necessary by authorities.  down. It took a couple of hours, but ultimately the man voluntarily gave himself up.

Travelodge is a place that has been turned into a quarantine bay for the homeless in the area. People displaying symptoms of the sickness will be quarantined in one of several hotels that have been reserved for to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The individual was taken to a hospital to be evaluated. His name has not been disclosed to the public.