SHERMAN OAKS—A man was robbed at a Wells Fargo located in Sherman Oaks on Tuesday, July 19, at around 10:30 a.m. The bank was located on Ventura Boulevard and Vesper Avenue.

The victim, who chooses only to be identified by his first name, William, said that a man dressed in all white came up to him after he left the bank with a bag of $10,000 in cash. He said he withdraws that much cash annually to pay for household expenses. The victim was in the bank for about 45 minutes as the teller filled his bag which was longer than usual according to the victim. 

The victim heard footsteps of someone running towards him and was then knocked to the ground when he left the building. “I started yelling and just trying to get away. I threw the bag as far as I could, falling back,” the victim stated. The suspect was armed and pointed a gun to the victim’s face as the robbery transpired. 

The victim now has injuries he received from the robbery which include road rash and abrasions from jumping over a cinderblock wall as he was trying to get away. 

He reported that he felt the robbery was an inside job because six other people left the bank before he did yet he was targeted. According to detectives, there isn’t any evidence to substantiate that claim. 

The victim also reported that Wells Fargo has been less than responsive to the robbery and attack he endured. 

Wells Fargo issued a statement that read:

“Wells Fargo is aware of the incident and our top concern is the safety and well-being of our customer. We are fully cooperating with the authorities in their ongoing investigations.”