UNITED STATES—Well I think many people in the workforce strive to obtain a management position. However, once you reach that potential you soon discover that being in a position of management is NOT always as thrilling as one may think. Why do I say that? I was speaking with a family member who recently earned a position in management. While speaking with family members sharing stories of working in management, where it became apparent we had similar takes on the issue.

With getting a promotion as many people will call it you receive a higher pay, but at the same time you are now tasked with managing other people and ensuring they complete their job. So it raised a very important question: can you force someone to do something they don’t want to do? The answer to that question is simple: no. A person is going to decide to do what he or she wants to do, no matter what their boss or that person in management tells them.

After working in management for years, I’ve come to the realization that all you can do is present what needs to be done and let it be known what the consequences will be if such task is not completed by being a person in management. Being overly aggressive as a person in management is never a good thing. People can easily take offense to hostility so you have to approach situations with a careful balance, be firm, but be approachable.

I’ve seen plenty of people in management who just love to puff their chest and make it known they are top dog and 90 percent of the time, their staff can’t stand their guts and they tend to be a terror to work with. They probably see a high rate of turnover as well as a result of their antics. Management requires tough skin, but at the same time your communication skills have to be top tier as well. Why do I say that? Well, you have to communicate what you need or what has to be done in a way that your staff understands what is EXPECTED of them and how to properly perform the task as well.

You cannot just give something without instruction because it might frustrate the party who is tasked with completing such a task. In addition, if not properly performed, you’re going to be asking questions as to why and they are going to counter those questions you pose explaining what may have done wrong. Now I have been told time and time again you can ‘dangle the carrot’ to get people to do their job.

I’m not totally sold on that because it depends on the person. You have people that no matter what you throw at them, they just won’t do what is being asked of them. If they don’t want to do it, guess what no matter how much money, a bonus, a special lunch or perk you throw their way it just will not happen. If you have a worker or staff member who hates their job or what they do no matter what you attempt to do to sway or encourage them you have a difficult task in front of you people. That is a psychology that sometimes is impossible to change and that a person is NOT willing to change.

With all my years in management I have discovered that you are going to have highs you’re going to have lows, you just have to take the punches as they come, but at the same time realize you cannot make people do something they are NOT interested in doing. Stay firm in making your stance clear and just ensure the opposing part realizes failure to complete your tasks does indeed have consequences and remember you can only do so much, don’t kill yourself trying to move an immovable object, it won’t work people.

Written By Jason Jones