HOLLYWOOD—A new face has arrived in Port Charles on “General Hospital.” I mean let’s be honest “GH” has had a lot of new faces lately, and they in my personal opinion has one of the most eclectic and powerhouse cast out of the four soaps still airing on television. By now most of you were well aware that Elizabeth Hendrickson, who previously played Chloe on “The Young and the Restless” has jumped to “GH.”

What audiences didn’t know is what character the revered actress would portray. Well, we know now. She is the new District Attorney in PC and man does she mean business. Margaux Dawson is looking to throw the book at Carly in her mission to nail Sonny. When has Sonny actual paid for any of his crimes, if he does they are very short-lived to begin with. Carly was livid with Diane’s ploy for her to plead insanity to help her escape attempted murder charges.

As a viewer it is indeed frustrating because we all know Carly is not guilty, but she allowed herself to get caught in Nelle’s trap. Too bad Nelle’s glee over Carly’s misfortune is starting to show. I mean Brad quickly picked up on Nelle’s defense when he tossed out the thought that Carly wouldn’t be capable of pushing a pregnant woman down the stairs. Nelle should be careful because while everyone is concerned about Carly’s mental state, Jason Morgan knows Carly didn’t commit the deed and has informed his BFF he will get to the bottom of things. Which he has Spinelli working on, finally a formidable foe that Nelle won’t see coming.

The question viewers want to know is rather Margaux has ties to anyone in Port Charles. My guess is yes, but time will indeed tell who our new legal eagle is connected to or who she shares a past with. I want to talk about Ava Jerome because it looks like her dark side is about to emerge yet again and not in the best way. Ava was certain something was going on behind her back between Kiki and Griffin, but she was wrong, until now. After a night of drunken stupor, Kiki and Griffin betrayed Ava in the worst possible way.

However, I feel it’s karma for Ava considering all the torture she put Kiki in thanks to Morgan. You do indeed reap what you sew. Making the situation worse is the fact that Ava has gotten away with murder more than once, so a small blow to her happiness is well deserved. I guess the fun will be what form of revenge Ava will have for her daughter and lover once she learns they betrayed her. At long last, Kiki spilled to the truth about Dr. Bensch to Liz who listened intently and it looks like a plan could be in play to take the doctor down.

Speaking of betrayal we have to chat about the Peter/Henrik reveal. Word has spread around town about Peter’s deception, as Maxie was left reeling from the news. However, she plans to go after the guy who took her husband from her by lying. It has placed Lulu in a difficult position, as much as she despised Peter, she feels loyal to him. Nina is out for blood and has severed ties with Valentin, and this time it looks like their love is kaput. However, Peter might be in police custody, but not for long.

Why? Um, hello his mother is Anna Devane and she has no plans to press charges against the son she abandoned. I never expected her to. Peter has had plenty of visitors one being Drew, who wanted information about his past. Peter was willing to share all, but only if Drew helped him escape prison. There is one slight problem, Peter has no idea that Liesl Obrecht is hell bent on revenge, and we already know how treacherous this woman can be.

This has led to ire from Dante and Robert, which led to Peter admitting he has some vital information that would be of usage to Robert. I love a good tease, but at the same time, I like knowing what the tease is that Peter plans to use to barter with authorities. With the walls closing in on him, Valentin reached out to his sister Alexis to talk about their father Mikkos. Now this is an interesting development to learn “GH” fans!