HOLLYWOOD—I called it, I totally called it the moment that Stitch swooped back in town on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” He was Mariah’s captor and guess what I told you so. I am so happy this story came and went because it was a terrible idea the moment the writers choose to do it. You have this accomplished doctor, kidnap a woman who is pregnant in hopes of him getting closer to Abby of all people? Please make that make sense. I thought he was holding Mariah pregnant because he needed something medically from the baby to save his son’s life.

Nope, that’s not it and it was just dreadful watching. Abby got the information on Mariah’s location and got to her while she was in the midst of labor. Devon later arrived and before you know it little Bowie was born. Abby was ecstatic, Devon and Mariah were on cloud nine realizing they just brought life into the world, but they had some very conflicted emotions people. When Devon and Mariah decided to help Abby have a baby, they didn’t realize they would have to give that child up and move on with their lives.

That is not easy for Devon and Mariah who are getting way attached to the child. Devon is conflicted and it just reminds him of the child he lost with Hilary. Even Amanda noticed that Devon is struggling with this outcome. Mariah is attached to Bowie, who has been renamed Dominic courtesy of Abby. I mean she did carry the child to term, so it’s not easy to just rip that band-aide off people. I’m sure we could be seeing a possible custody battle in the works people. Of course, everyone else like Rey, Sharon, Tessa were happy with the outcome, but where the hell is Stitch he just seemed to vanish into thin air America?

In other Genoa City news, Sally and Adam are the hot couple and I love it. I love it to the core, this is genius from the writers because Sally Spectra is making a splash in GC and thankfully the writers on “Y&R” know what to do with such an intriguing character compared to what “The Bold and the Beautiful” did to her. Sally is working for Newman Media, and Phyllis is not happy she hasn’t driven her foe out of town. Well, Phyllis you reap what you sew and it’s apparent that a cheating scandal is about to explode.

How do I know? Nick bluntly asked Phyllis if she still had feelings for Jack. She didn’t deny, but she said Nick was the guy for her, however, he is spotting that closeness between the former flames and it did not help that Sally was whispering things in his ear as well. People are concerned about Sally, like Chelsea. Ok, Sally has done some bad stuff, but girl look in the mirror because your deeds totally outweigh what Sally has done in her short-time in. I guess this is the writer’s way of keeping Chelsea relevant until her characters actually makes her return to GC.

Well the Newman Media launch party was full of fireworks between Sally and Phyllis who traded spars. Sally threw a drink at Phyllis and Phyllis dumped a bucket of ice water on Sally. Both ladies were embarrassed, but it led to good stuff for Sally. Why she shared a steamy kiss with Adam. Adam pulled away as he didn’t want to mix business with pleasure, but it became apparent that these two will indeed become an item at some point and it looks good people. On top of that, we had most of the town frowning at Sally including Nikki. Once again, this woman’s presence annoys me. She is doing nothing on the soap right now, it’s time for her to go into retirement people, sorry not sorry.

In addition, what the hell with Billy and Lily, gosh these characters are so boring. Give them a storyline because this Billy digging into Ashland’s past and trying to seek dirt on Adam is old and tiring. Look this war between Billy and Adam has been ongoing for years and this point it has gotten stale. Either do something crazy like Billy attempt to murder Adam or have Adam kidnap Billy. I am bored with the two right now and I don’t think it will change anytime soon! Billy has nothing to do and its apparent, by this silly storyline of him digging into Ashland’s past to learn where he got his money from. Unless the reveal is something epic, I could care less. There are just way too many characters on “Y&R” right now who have nothing to do and its staling narrative people.