AMERICA — Beginning on July 26, Marvel is releasing a digital comic relating to life in quarantine in a new series called “Heroes at Home.”

This new series will come out with a new comic every Sunday and is written by Zeb Wells (Hellions, Amazing Spider-Man) with art from Guruhiru (Superman Smashes the Klan, Avatar: The Last Airbender).

The comic can be viewed on Marvel’s Instagram.

On their website, Marvel said the following regarding the new series:

“What makes a hero? Nowadays, one thing that makes a hero is staying at home, and that includes many of Marvel’s most famous Super Heroes!… Marvel is kicking off its new Heroes At Home variant covers, featuring Marvel’s mightiest in everyday situations in their own homes.”

Spiderman was featured in the first comic.

The first comic, released on July 26, followed Spiderman’s unique experience while baking.

The schedule for future releases in this series is the following:

August 2, featuring Wolverine: WOLVERINE #5 Heroes At Home Variant on sale 9/2 (FOC 8/10)

August 9, featuring Captain Marvel: CAPTAIN MARVEL #21 Heroes At Home Variant on sale 9/9 (FOC 8/17)

August 16, featuring Captain America: CAPTAIN AMERICA #23 Heroes At Home Variant on sale 9/16 (FOC 8/24)

August 23, featuring the Hulk: IMMORTAL HULK #37 Heroes At Home Variant on sale 9/16 (FOC 8/24)

August 30, featuring Black Panther: AVENGERS #36 Heroes At Home Variant on sale 9/30 (FOC 9/7)