THOUSAND OAKS—A mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, left 13 people dead including the shooter, who has been identified as 28 year-old Ian Long. Reports of shots fired came in Wednesday, November 7 at 11:20 p.m. at the Borderline Bar & Grill at 99 Rolling Oaks Drive, in Ventura County. The establishment was hosting college night at the time the shooting occurred.

Twelve people including Ventura County Sheriff’s Sergeant, Ron Helus, 54, were killed during the incident. Helus was a 29 year-veteran of the Department and was getting reader to retire. He was the first officer on the scene and confronted the gunman who opened fire at the establishment. He was pulled out of the area by two of his fellow officers.

“Ron was a hard working, dedicated sheriff’s sergeant. He was totally committed. He gave his all, and as I told his wife tonight, he died a hero because he went in to save lives, to save other people,” said Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean to reporters.

Long dressed in all black, walked into the bar holding a single hand gun where he shot and killed the cashier and opened fire on the crowd who were there for a college party in what authorities considered “one of the safest cities in the country.”

Fox News interviewed, Teylor Whittler, who was at the party with 10 of her friends. Whittler was dancing on the dance floor when she heard shots fired. “After a minute, people booked it to the back door,” said Whittler. Whittler explained that she was stuck on the floor being trampled by others when someone picked her up and told her to get out.

Whittler stated her father told her, “Growing up it was always a scenario we went over. Stop and drop everything. It doesn’t matter what you have. Drop everything and take cover.”

“I have been fully briefed on the terrible shooting in California. Law Enforcement and First Responders, together with the FBI, are on the scene. 13 people at the time have been reported dead. Likewise, the shooter is dead, along with the first police officer to enter the bar,” President Donald Trump tweeted.

“Great bravery shown by police. California Highway Patrol was on the scene within 3 minutes with the first officer to enter shot numerous times. That Sheriff’s Sergeant died in the hospital. God bless all of the victims and families of the victims. Thank you to Law Enforcement,” President Trump tweeted.

The names of the victims has not yet been released to the public.