CALIFORNIA—A massive storm is expected to arrive Friday, February 17 with heavy rain and strong winds, according to a National Weather Service report issued Wednesday afternoon.

Los Angeles County and Orange County are expected to get 2 to 4 inches of rain throughout the weekend.

“This late-week storm has the potential to be the biggest of the winter in terms of rainfall and impact to much of Southern California,” indicated AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Andrews.

Fire Departments throughout Southern California are preparing for possible flooding and property damage. The storm will bring enough rain and excess runoff to cause flash flooding. There is also potential for mudslides in some neighborhoods. The Flash Flood Watch will remain in effect from 7 a.m. Friday through Saturday morning.

Severe thunderstorms are also expected on Friday. It is possible a couple of the strongest storms can produce a brief tornado, according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

It is expected to clear back up on Sunday with party cloudy skies.