HOLLYWOOD—So we have to chat about the biggest bomb that is about to shake Salem to the core on “Days of Our Lives.” Nicole is pregnant. Yes, Nicole, who has struggled for years with fertility is pregnant and has no idea who the father of her child could be. There are only two people: Eric or EJ. Gabi was the one who thought Nicole might have been faking the incident and soon realized the seriousness and got Nicole medical assistance. Kayla dropped the bomb to Nicole about her bundle of joy, and it places Kayla in a tough spot. Why?

Hello, Kayla is Eric’s aunt. So she’s keeping a whopper of a secret from her nephew that he might finally become a dad, something he’s wanted his entire life. Nicole lied to both Eric and EJ about her illness because she wants to know who could be the father before revealing this bomb. EJ does know that Nicole slept with Eric after those drugged biscuits, but I would think he could easily connect the dots that she might be pregnant, but he’s oblivious.

Nicole had to confide to someone, and that person happened to be Anna who was happy for Nicole, but she begged her confidant to secrecy. Yeah, I sense Eric will be the father, but EJ might pull some strings to make Nicole think the baby is his to keep her tied to him. We know he has done such a thing in the past with Sami when she was pregnant so, it is not beyond this DiMera to pull such a stunt. Speaking of DiMeras, it feels like Stefan and Gabi are in a great place, but I feel that will soon take a turn for the worse with news that Camilla Banus will be exiting “Days of Our Lives” in the coming months. How will Gabi vacate Salem and will Stefan be on the receiving end of tragedy this time around is unknown.

The walls are starting to close on Talia who was questioned by Jada after she learned from Xander and Chloe that she was spotted at that dump of a motel. Jada confronted Collin who was coy about his connection to Talia. However, Jada got Talia to spill Collin was an ex of hers that she was severing ties from. She didn’t confess that he’s the one who is working to take down Chanel and Paulina, not to mention she is helping him. After hearing the name ‘Collin Firth,’ Sloan realized her brother was in town and confronted him. Yes, she realized her brother has been the one threatening Chanel and Paulina and causing a ton of havoc in her personal and professional life.

Sloan warned her brother to back off or she would be forced to expose him to the police. Hmm, this is an interesting development, I would think Sloan would simply spill the truth to the Salem PD to clear her name and put an end to this mayhem. However, things took a turn for the worst this week as Collin decided to confront Abe and Paulina and chaos ensued. Hmm, I’d really hate to see Sloan suffer another family tragedy at the hands of Chanel and Paulina, but signs are pointing in a direction that is quite scary to say the least.

Kate is being held captive by Dimitir von Leuschner, who is the cousin of Carly and Frankie. Yeah, the character doesn’t ring a bell for me, and to be honest I don’t care all that much either. All we know is that Kate has been found thanks to Harris and Chad and was reunited with Roman at last people.  Marlena, Kate and Kayla have all been reunited with their loved ones people, so that is the saving grace for all of this.

Brady is still pining after Chloe who has obviously moved on and is getting closer to Xander by the minute. Yeah, Gwen who, it seems Xander is so over her, but with rumbles that Sarah might return to town that will change a lot because Xander will soon discover he’s a father, a secret that Sarah has been hoping to keep for the rest of her life, yeah, not in the soap world people. I am still waiting to see when “Days of Our Lives” will pay tribute to John Aniston who portrayed the great Victor Kiriakis.

The actor recently passed away and has not been seen on the soap in weeks. I know there has to be something in the works, but at some point the writers will have to address that Victor is no more and with Bo Brady being back from the dead that will be a blow that will be difficult for him to grapple with. There is so much story to unfold with the soap and I am eager to see more.