HOLLYWOOD—What is going on in the town of Salem people? It looks like more secrets are exploding left and right than I can keep up with. For starters, the rivalry between Gabi and Abigail has diffused. Abigail is not pressing charges, just as Chad is furious with his former flame and pal. He’s focused his attention on winning Abigail back, who wants nothing to do with her baby daddy, but Chad is not giving up, just as she attempts to cut Kate and Gabi out of his life for good.

He arranged a dinner for four involving the entire Deveraux crew where grievances were aired. Jack and Jennifer are getting closer, but good ole Eve she is that thorn that just will NOT disappear no matter what. I mean Chad offered her a dream job in Paris to get her out of town, but Eve just won’t leave willingly America. JJ has been busy to say the least, more with Haley who is a troubled soul with a ton of secrets. The biggest being her sister is Melissa Trask. Yes, that Trask, the District Attorney of Salem.

Trask is emotionless to people not family and she’s just as worse with her younger sister. I mean she told Haley to get out of her apartment, and we know that she is an illegal immigrant. Making the situation intriguing is the audience has no idea why Haley tried to kill herself. I’m very eager to learn that information, just as Haley and JJ get closer. Let’s pivot things to the relationship between Eric and Sarah which is blossoming. I honestly love these two together, and they nearly shared a kiss after that whole fiasco involving Holly. Wait for it, because there was an interruption: Rex Brady is back!

Yes, he came into town in November like a hawk only to exit on a whimper. He’s back to win Sarah’s heart, but little does he know Sarah has her eyes on his big brother Eric. Yes, this is very intriguing because this is a love triangle involving two brothers, just as it seems Chloe and Brady are getting closer yet again. They came close to a kiss, but it was halted and I’m wondering if Rex is going to be involved in a love triangle with Brady and Chloe. Eric was too busy nearly taking out Xander once and for all after learning he was back in Salem. Luckily, Sarah came to his rescue and had officers take Xander into custody for shooting Marlena.

Wait, because more chaos has ensured with Stefan being represented by Ted. Yes, scheming Ted is back in the mix and doing his best on behalf of Hope to get the DiMera to turn on Ben to get him placed behind bars. Hope shouldn’t worry Ciara severed ties with him and went overseas so ben is no longer a threat. Xander should have taken up Leo on his offer to be his romance partner. Leo is a major thorn in Will and Sonny’s relationship lately, but the duo has gathered some interesting Intel that could neutralize Leo in his tracks if they can find his mother.

Will has turned to John to help with digging, but nothing has been uncovered just yet, but I’m certain it will be considering audiences know that Judith Chapman has been cast to portray Leo’s mom. Whatever the information is it must be game changing to say the least. One more important bit of information, Abe might be the mayor of Salem, but he should prepare for a challenger because Melinda Trask wants that title and I have a feeling she is going to get it. Cue the fireworks people because they’re about to get interesting to say the least.