HOLLYWOOD—I feel like “Days of Our Lives” has dragged the Devil possession storyline a bit longer than needed. When Marlena Evans was possessed it was fun, because it was a tale that the character battled back in the past. Now, the Devil has jumped from Marlena to Johnny, to Belle to Allie. It has become a Devil jumping into anyone who might expose what they are up to people.

Allie realized that Johnny was spilling tea to Tripp that she is an item with Chanel and that’s when the Devil exposed himself. So now Allie is up to wicked shenanigans people and I’m just over it at this point people. At some point Salem has to know people are not behaving as themselves, but it seems everyone is turning the cheek on things which I cannot explain.

Let’s chat about more sinister stuff, as TR is acting like the concerned father as Lani stands by Eli’s bedside hoping he recovers. That is NOT actual good news for TR because if Eli talks he goes down. Yeah, TR shot Eli and he’s been threatening his girlfriend Beth, who is afraid to speak the truth. He’s doing his best to cozy up to Paulina, but Abe is not having it and feels like he must trust his instinct when it comes to TR, just as Rafe is heading up the investigation to find out what transpired with his colleague.

The walls have NOT closed in on TR just yet, but they are nearing that direction people. Leo Stark, oh, Leo he is a clever one and Chad, Sonny and Abigail’s attempt to ‘expose’ Leo faltered, as Leo proposed a threesome with Craig who caught him in bed with Chad. The audience later discovered it was all part of Leo’s ruse and Chad caved under pressure. That prompted Craig to propose marriage to Leo, just as Chloe and Brady took their relationship to the next level.

Am I pleased with that result? Not quite, but Craig is deeply in love so he thinks and refuses to see the scammer right in front of him. Craig is now the Chief of Staff at the hospital, but soon discovered he doesn’t have all the power as Nancy threatened to make their divorce hell if he fired Marlena Evans. Hmm, interesting development I didn’t expect, but I like it people.

Rafe and Nicole are enjoying their romance now that Ava is out of the picture, but they are still frustrated they were not able to garner the evidence to expose she was the one behind his setup. Speaking of Ava she has found common ground with Jake who has allowed the ‘reformed’ mob princess to shack up with him. Guess who discovered them in bed: Gabi! She was none too pleased because as we all know, Gabi is NO fan of Ava and this is about to ignite a new rivalry people once that is certain to get explosive over time.

Sarah is still not herself, just as Xander is starting to realize that Gwen doesn’t want Sarah to return to herself because she will be exposed for all of her sins of the past people. C’mon already, I want to see Sarah return to Sarah and reunited with Xander and Gwen get exposed for all her secrets people. With that said, EJ is still behind bars and receiving threats from Orpheus and Clyde, now that EJ knows Clyde was responsible for his shooting. Hell, I thought EJ already knew that.

Talk about a ‘secret’ that was supposed to shock viewers, um, not. With that said, Kate’s plan to frame Belle for EJ’s predicament worked, but in due time Kate is going to take a blow for covering that Lucas kidnapped Sami and she knows that Philip faked his death. Roman will not be pleased people, not one bit. This secret is still on the backburner, and I NEED to see Sami Brady return to Salem go to war with EJ and Lucas be exposed for his duplicity. It will be a fun time on “Days of Our Lives” in the coming months.