CALIFORNIA— At a news conference on Wednesday, June 3, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that he will lift the city curfew on Thursday, June 4. The curfews had been instated as of Saturday, May 30 in response to the violence and looting that broke out throughout the Los Angeles protests against the murder of George Floyd. Garcetti specified that the curfew would not be reinstated under the condition that the protests remain peaceful.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California has sued the city and county of Los Angeles and San Bernardino over the curfews. The suit claims that the restrictions imposed by the curfews violate the First Amendment and the protection of freedom of movement. Moreover, that the curfews “have given police an excuse to commit violence against BLM-LA’s members and others who have joined in the protests.”

Thousands of protesters have rallied outside Garcetti’s residence in Hancock Park on Tuesday, June 2, and Wednesday, June 3. On Tuesday, June 2, Garcetti participated in the protest himself outside the police headquarters and he took a knee in solidarity.

Garcetti also expressed in the conference that he would not increase the budget of the Los Angeles Police Department. The $250 million in cuts will be reinvested into communities of color. Los Angeles will also establish a Department of Civil and Human Rights.

“We need to make a firm commitment to change, not just with words but with action,” said Mayor Garcetti.