STUDIO CITY —On Thursday, June 25, Studio City’s Kraft Avenue was repaved over with a special pavement known as “cool pavement”. This specialized pavement absorbs much less sunlight and solar radiation than conventional pavement. As a result, by paving over Kraft Avenue’s old pavement with this new material, locals can enjoy cooler air even if there are warmer temperatures.

Picture showcasing the new pavement installation in process. Taken from LA Bureau of Street Services’ Twitter.

The reason for this act of service was due to a program passed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on October 22, 2019. The program was named “Cool Streets LA” and its purpose, according to the mayor on the official LA Mayor website, “is about taking action in ways that will make a real and direct impact on people’s daily lives.” This program in particular focuses on countering the effects of climate change at the neighborhood level.

Kraft Avenue was the fifth project to be taken on by Cool Streets LA, but the program does not only plan on stopping at repaving streets. Some additional goals of this program include planting new street trees, building bus benches with shade structures, providing hydration stations, and more.