BEVERLY HILLS— On Sunday, June 28, a male driver lost control of a McLaren sports car and crashed into a Petco store that is located at the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

According to the BHPD, the driver clipped a curb at the intersection of Melrose Avenue and Doney Drive at around 11:10 p.m.. Spinning out of control, the vehicle crashed into the wall of the store. West Hollywood deputies initially arrived on the scene but it was handled by Beverly Hills police.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was not taken to the hospital. He was not arrested because he was not under the apparent influence of drugs or alcohol. The crash was caused by speeding. Deputy Derrick McNally of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station confirmed that the McLaren was totaled. 

A Petco representative said that though the corner of the building has a dent in it, the damages are minor. There was no damage to the interior of the store and it remains open.

The incident was documented on Citizen. Citizen is a mobile app that notifies users of location-based safety alerts in real time. Users are allowed to broadcast live video footage and leave comments.