HOLLYWOOD HILLS—As media outlets continue to lie about the crime rate in Los Angeles, daily incidents are increasing rapidly, many caught on tape and spread throughout the internet, but are being ignored by local officials. District Attorneys are not prosecuting most crimes due to Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s orders.

Journalists are picking and choosing data to show there is a reduction in crime, when there is not. There is a reduction in prosecution, not in crime. Career criminals are continually assaulting, robbing, killing, vandalizing individuals and not facing a single day in jail.

Police officers’ hands are tied as they can only book a suspect and are later forced to release them on cash bail so they are out on the street in less than 2 hours to commit another crime.

There is no peace, there is no justice…unless you are a criminal.

On Sunay, June 12, near Hollywood and Highland, at the foot of the Hollywood Hills, a man, in the middle of the day busted out the windows of a police car and stole a computer. He was not arrested or taken into custody as the incident was captured on video.