UNITED STATES—Since a recent spike in COVID 19, the media is scrambling to find reasoning on how this does not correlate to the nation-wide protesting that has been encouraged by our state governors and mayors since the death of 46-year-old, Minneapolis, George Floyd.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo and California Mayor, Eric Garcetti told the public numerous times to, “wear a mask,” yet they both have shown poor examples of leadership. If you don’t believe it, take a look at this video footage and photo of Mayor Garcetti seen taking a knee with Black Lives Matter protesters in Downtown Los Angeles without a mask and not social distancing. However, The LA Times released a photo of him in the same position wearing a blue mask (coincidence?) as you can see here:

LA Times Garcetti Taking a Knee with BLM protesters

Governor Cuomo’s profile picture on Twitter shows him without a mask and participating in a pride parade (no social distancing included). Regardless of this parade being in the past, this sets a bad example coming from someone who just said July 1 during a press conference to the president, “One easy step that would send a powerful message – put a mask on it! Next time you’re smiling a the camera, but a mask on it Mr. President!”

Andrew Cuomo Twitter Profile Picture

Cuomo said during that same press conference, “President Trump needs to admit that he was wrong.”  He reprimanded him for wanting to open businesses “too soon,” yet he was silent on protesting which have historically shown little social distancing and COVID recommended safety steps being taken. Here is one of many examples.

Photo from @sandibachom on Twitter

Dr. Anthony Fauci told United States Senator, Elizabeth Warren during an interview July 1 that 40k cases per day are occurring and he would not be surprised if this goes up to 100k per day. In the same day, Cuomo literally blamed Trump for holding rallies with, “no masks” while the entire country is protesting arm and arm. There is been no evidence of “Trump supporters” being more likely to get COVID-19, however, the media blames the President.

“Tight restrictions” were put back in place on Wednesday, July 1 by California Governor Gavin Newsom who confirmed that restaurants will be closed for indoor dining for at least three weeks, but outdoor seating, takeout and drive through is still available. Meanwhile, Garcetti spoke at a press conference about COVID-19 on July 1 for an hour and five minutes and did not mention protesters being an influence on the spike in cases until 44 minutes into the video when he was asked by a caller:

“Would you recommend protesting be canceled and staying at home to save lives? How many of these new cases are people who were protesting?” The same caller asked as part of a three-part question, “Are contact tracers asking this question to COVID-19 positive people and if not, why not?”

Garcetti confirmed earlier in his speech that “contact tracers” in Los Angeles are responsible for tracing where COVID-19 cases have come from so he isn’t just whacking through everyone. He confirmed that he is going to work to find the populations of people who are “disproportionally becoming infected” so that there is no need to shut everything down.

He responded to the caller with, “Let me check. I don’t know if they ask that specific question, but they do ask, ‘where have you been?’ and try to connect the pieces.” He followed up with letting the people know that it was just a couple days ago he learned that protesting was part of the spread.

He doesn’t tell people not to protest, but does tell them to socially distance if they do. He said, “I want to see this march continue. I don’t want to see us let up or disappear.” He leaves his answer with, “whenever you can, please stay at home!” after he just said he doesn’t want the march to end.

The Los Angeles Mayor confirmed that Central and South Los Angeles cases are spiking only to blame the rise on workers in low income areas, who “may have no car to get to a drive through testing center” which would also make them a “threat to their families.” There is no word on it potentially being because of scenes like this one is central LA from June.

Photo from @civicslesson101 on Twitter

Concerned that business owners won’t comply he said, the Health Department is going to spy on businesses. Garcetti warns the public that any business who refuses to be compliant with the regulations will be closed down for “not playing by the rules.”

When he was asked about punishment of people not wearing a mask he confirmed that they will not be ticketed for not wearing a mask. In recent weeks, over 30 monuments have been torn down, graffiti has been blasted on the streets, looting of businesses, and violence has occurred.  People are not going to listen especially after getting the affirmation of police being cut from the Los Angeles Police Department on July 1. Of course Garcetti said he doesn’t want “people worrying about getting a ticket during this time” right after he said, “I am not asking you to wear a mask, I am telling you.”

Joe Biden, our democratic nominee, made a statement June 30 on Instagram telling people to wear a mask, yet he is not wearing one in the picture.

Joe Biden

More than 1 million people have been tested for COVID-19 in Los Angeles. On June 29, Garcetti confirmed at a press conference individuals between the ages of 18-40 years-old are now 40 percent of those effected. Protesters are primarily young people as seen from statistics like these.

Age Demo of Protesters

City and County Health ordinance prohibits gathering with people other than those you live with. The mayor says getting together with family, friends and coworkers is how it spreads. The county is talking about taking away licenses from business who do not abide by the rules. However, July 1 after Garcetti made his statement, gatherings like this one occurred in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Protest July 1 Photo from LAPD on Twitter