WEST HOLLYWOOD—Singer, artist and photographer Andrea Ross Greene is a fascinating subject. The lovely and talented woman, who moved to Hollywood with big dreams, is on her way to achieving all of them. Greene sings with songwriter and singer Harriet Schock and does backup for many of Schock’s amazing CDs. On a recent trip to the Iowa Film Festival, Andrea was on the plane and showed me some of the beautiful photographic images she’s been taking around L.A.’s many parks and beautiful flower gardens.

This week I caught up with the talented lady to ask her about art, singing and photography. Andrea learned these things very young as a way to escape and embrace the inner creative genius inside her soul.

Q-When you were growing up, did you always want to be an artist?

A-“Yes. It started out with Motown. I wanted to be Diana Ross and I did a spot-on imitation of her voice. I loved ‘The Supremes’ and all the Motown artists. They were my inspiration and my message that I could be successful. Art-wise, I always had a sketchpad with me. I liked drawing cityscapes, landscapes and animals.

Q-Where can people find your artwork?

A-“My photography website is andrearossgreene.com and my music website is myspace.com/andrearossgreene. I love it when people drop by and send me a message.”

Q-I recently noticed some beautiful photographs you took locally here in L.A. When did you decide to add photography to your long list of talents?

A-“Tommy, I discovered photography in junior high school. I saw that it was possible to capture people and preserve memories and funny moments. I got my first camera then and I’ve been shooting ever since. I looked at old family photos and knew that I wanted to take pictures of everybody I knew. I had a wonderful teacher in high school who had a camera club after school and he taught us to develop and print our black and white film. It’s a fascinating process and I’m forever grateful to him.

“My favorite photographic subjects are animals, pets, nature and sports. Animals can be very funny (and beautiful), nature is endlessly fascinating (and beautiful), people always want pictures of their furry family members and there’s nothing like capturing a moment of intensity, grace and power in sports. And capturing a performing artist at just the right time is inspiring.”

Photographs are courtesy: Andrearossgreene.com