WEST HOLLYWOOD—Greg Glienna is a well-known writer, director and comedian who is best known for creating the script for “Meet the Parents,” but the handsome star loves comedy above all. Greg is also a musician who has a love for the standards and who performs regularly in Los Angeles and Chicago. The prolific performer and creative genius sat down with Canyon News this week to tell readers what he has on his agenda for the rest of 2010.

Q-Greg, What is your latest project?

A-“My latest project is my CD called ”˜Some Songs’. I’ve been playing the piano and singing at various jazz clubs in Chicago and LA for years and thought it was about time I put a CD out. I’ve written songs for every film I’ve directed, including one sung by Danny DeVito and Kathy Bates in my film ”˜Relative Strangers.’ Half of the songs are originals and half are lesser known jazz standards. It’s available at CDBaby.com, iTunes and GregGlienna.com.

Q-You wrote an original screenplay that became a big Hollywood film, tell us about it?

A-“”˜Meet the Parents’ started as a short film I made while studying film at Columbia College in Chicago. It played on a local PBS show which showed short films. A few years later, I got into stand-up comedy and was booked to be the opening act for comedian Emo Phillips. We became friends and it turns out he had seen my short. I told him I had an idea to turn it into a feature and he agreed to fund it if he liked the script. He did, and I directed the film as well as played the Ben Stiller role. It achieved some local success at an art house theater and received amazing reviews. It played at a few more art house theaters around the U.S. and did very well in London, believe it or not. The film came to the attention of director Steven Soderbergh who thought it would make a great Hollywood blockbuster comedy. He took it to Universal, they bought it and the rest is history.”

Q-Being an accomplished songwriter/pianist and singer, which is your favorite?

A-“I love music and I love to sing. I also like getting laughs. I think there’s some connection between music and comedy. Every comedian I know is musical, either they play an instrument or sing and every musician I know is funny.”

Q-The film “Little Fockers” is in production. What are you doing in this film?

A-“Cashing my check and going to see it at the theater.”