UNITED STATES—If you’re looking for a good deal for the summer months, now is the time America. Why? You have Memorial Day fast upon us and the retailers are looking to get the consumer into their stores. I’ve learned something over the years, when it comes to purchasing items from retailers, rather it be clothing, household appliances, electronics, watches, purses, wallets, shoes, you always want to aim to shop around a holiday because that is when sales kickoff.

Yeah, you had Mother’s Day a few weeks ago, but I’ll be honest the retailers did not have fantastic deals. Why? They know people are going to shop for Mother’s Day so why offer sales, when you can get people to spend full price on items because c’mon its mom, money doesn’t really matter when treating her. However, I’ve seen bigger discounts start to creek in as we fast approach Memorial Day Monday. I’m seeing retailers offering 50 percent off clearance items, some offering between 70 to 80 percent off of items to get rid of that unwanted merchandise.

This is what you want people. I tell people time and time again, anything under 50 percent is not an actual deal, especially when you’re talking about clothing. For example, let’s say a pair of jeans is on clearance for an additional 30 percent off at a price of $39.99. That means you’re only saving $9 bucks, once you tack on tax depending on where you live, you’re still paying almost $30 for those jeans. Is that a deal? I say no.

So take those same pair of jeans, and you wait until around a holiday where you’re getting an additional 50 percent off the clearance item that means those jeans change to around $20 bucks. That’s a savings of around $10 to $15. That is a difference people, you can use that extra money to purchase a meal or place gas into your vehicle. When you save, it is always a good thing. This is also a great time to purchase items for the summer at many clothing retailers. Why? Um, summer is fast-approaching. No one is wearing sweaters, jeans, coats, jackets or things to keep them warm, they are wearing things lighter in fabric and that will keep you cool.

Winter clothing items will be on clearance right now and when you can get a sweater that is normally $100 bucks for $10 to $15 bucks or even less that’s a deal. You might not wear it right away, but you’ll have it when you want to wear it. It is not just apparel you can get on sale you can get jewelry on sale right now. Watches in particular as we near Father’s Day you can get up to 70 percent off at some establishments. That is a great deal people. Same with electronics, but it depends on the item; you tend to see kitchen appliances and gadgets on sale this time of year, versus some big ticket items like a range microwave, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer or dryer.

When you’re not sure if you’re getting a deal or not, consider the regular price compared to the sale price. Saving $20 to $30 is not a deal. Saving $200 to $500 on something matters significantly. I mean if you can get a fridge that was $1000 for $500 that is a massive difference. Let’s not just buy to buy, I’m pointing out the importance of these sales because when you have items that you need, you can get them at a discount that is  a plus.

In addition, you sometimes have to treat yourself, so if you’re able to treat yourself why in the world would you not. You’ve worked hard; you’re allowed to treat yourself here and there.

Written By Zoe Mitchell