PACIFIC PALISADES—The Pacific Palisades Task force in November 2016 received a donation of $5000 from the Community United Methodist Church to help the homeless population in Pacific Palisades.

The Palisades News reported the donation from Community United Methodist Church located on Via de la Plaz will support Glanda Sherman and Maureen Rivas, who are social workers associated with Ocean Park Community (OPCC). Sherman and Rivas have been lending support to the homeless in region since January.

Among the 157 transients contacted by the OPCC outreach team in October, 37 were assigned to a case manager and had completed a goal plan to lead a better life. Out of the 29 homeless people, nine were handed housing vouchers and six were set-up with housing.

The social workers who interacted with the individuals provided them street-based services from physicians, psychiatrists and substance abuse experts.

Residents who want to assist the homeless population in Pacific Palisades can do so by visiting for additional information.