BEVERLY HILLS—Metro is being sued by the owner of the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills because of the construction of the extension for the Purple Line subway has led to cracks and fixtures on their buildings. Vibrations, dust, noise, fumes, and odors allegedly started in 2014 when construction began.

Temple of the Arts’ lawsuit claims a petition of allegations, varying from inverse condemnation, nuisance and invade to intentional and heedless interference with contracts. The suit, which was filed on June 14, has the Saban Theatre pursuing millions of dollars for damages and names the city of Beverly Hills and Skanska Traylor Shea, the subway contractor as defendants in the suit.

The suit claims the Saban Theatre has become “nearly inoperable or inoperable” following the construction of Metro. The suit alleges noise levels have been higher than what is permitted between an agreement with Metro and the city of Beverly Hills.

“While we cannot comment specifically on this pending Saban lawsuit, overall Metro has a very robust construction mitigation program that successfully meets or exceeds local, state and federal requirements,” Metro indicated in a statement. “We have an excellent track record for working closely with community stakeholders to mitigate noise, dust, vibrations, traffic detours and other issues in our ongoing mission to improve mobility for all the residents of Los Angeles County.”