HOLLYWOOD—There has been an interesting development on “General Hospital” as shots recently erupted at the Metro Court in Port Charles. Was anyone injured? Yes, Curtis was shot and is currently being treated at GH. Portia is a mess and Trina is worried sick about her new father. Do I expect him to die? Not a chance, but this is the writers just attempting to repair the bond between Portia and Curtis after the big fallout from Trina’s paternity and his kiss with Jordan.

The bigger issue is who that sniper was actually targeting at the pool area of the Metro Court. There are two people who know they were on the list: Anna and Sonny. Anna has been worried a bit since the word ‘Murderer’ was written on her front door. She dismissed it as a prank, but Valentin seemed to think otherwise. Sonny on the other hand, when hasn’t the guy been a target?

He suspects the sniper may have been after him, and if you think about it, that is very possible, but the only person who I can think of making a move is Selina Wu, and I don’t think she wants to create a war with Sonny Corinthos. Both are comparing notes, and are certain the sniper was after one of them, the question is trying to figure out WHO wanted them dead. Put your thinking caps on “GH” fans!

With that said, I love this new pairing with Jordan and Zeke, Portia’s brother. The actors have great chemistry and I’m glad to see Jordan have a new love interest that is not Curtis. Will that make Portia upset? Of course, but she’ll get over it. Trina does have something to worry about as it seems Spencer and Esme might be getting closer and Josslyn spotted that scene as the two attended a parenting class.

I truly do not want to see an Esme and Spencer hookup, but I feel that is where the writers might be headed and there are rumblings that Nicholas Chavez has landed a big role, so questions are arising whether the character is vacating the soap or if he’ll be recast. Time will tell. Drew Cain has been courted off to prison, and guess who his cellmate is, Cyrus Renault. Yes, Laura and Martin’s villainous brother has returned to the canvas and I wonder what he has cooked up his sleeve.

I knew Drew was headed to prison, but I didn’t expect it to transpire so fast. The writers truly didn’t waste any time with this one people. With that said, Carly is moping a bit, but she’s lucky she wasn’t carted off to prison, if she only had heeded Michael and Drew’s advice in the beginning, none of this would have transpired. This is only building up the tension for the big bomb that will come out in a few weeks that Nina was the one who called the SEC on Carly and Drew. How do I know? Sonny teased to Dante he is planning to wed Nina in the fall and that means the writers are going to drag this secret for a while.

This totally sucks because the writers are really painting Carly as the victim and Nina as the villain, and they are both guilty of despicable crimes. How Nina bounces back I don’t see it? I mean this sucks for her building bond with Willow who has opened the door for her birth mother. We have to talk about Gladys and her antics. What the hell is this woman doing? This is absolutely sick and disgusting what she is plotting with Sasha’s doctor to get her to spiral so she can maintain control of her conservatorship. I just hate seeing this America.

I want to see Gladys exposed ASAP, I thought she would have been exposed at this point courtesy of Cody, Sam and Spinelli, but Gladys has Selina in her corner taking care of the threats. What is the problem? Sasha is likely to spiral and it will give Gladys what she wants, but expect those closest to Sasha to ponder exactly what caused the sudden change. Sasha is an important character because she spotted an interesting interaction between Tracy and Brook Lynn. Yeah, remember, Brook Lynn took those files from Deception for her granny, and I feel like Brook Lynn will be exposed and when she is, she can say goodbye to her relationship with Chase.

Just when you start to love the character Brook Lynn, she does something to make you place your head down. It is more so Tracy, but wow, this is a new low for both. Lucy and Felicia are off to Pine Valley to investigate Martin and those secret funds, and fans can expect to see a familiar face. Hell, at first I thought this narrative would lead to Nina’s exposure, but it does not seem so.

Kristina offered to be a surrogate for TJ and Molly, but Molly is not so open to the idea. Alexis and Sam tried to speak a bit of sense into their loved one. Liz and Finn are looking to give their relationship another go, which I am indeed happy to see unfold. These two look good together America. So there are many stories weaving in and out, that are going to be quite interesting as the weeks progress.