HELLO AMERICA!—Being a realtor today in Los Angeles is big time.  You are involved with some of the hottest real estate on the west coast. After living in worldwide publicized areas as Brentwood and Beverly Hills instantly gives your star-image a dynamic facelift.

There is no one more aware of this reality than Sara Ghirum who is really a newcomer anxious to prove that she can easily fit in with the financial game of mixing with members of the millionaires and billionaires club.

MSJ: Having Been Born And Growing Up In Sweden, What Was Your View Or Idea About Hollywood And Even America?

SG: My view of America was in no way specific to Hollywood.  In my early years while growing up in Sweden I viewed America as a place of diversity, freedom and unlimited opportunities (primarily because during my generation there were not many people of color in positions of prominence or on platforms that represented minorities).  American television showcased a myriad of personalities, ethnicities and persons who were successful because of their ambition and dreams.  This impression of American society was motivating to me.

MSJ: As A Young Girl What Were Some Of Your Fantasies About What You Wanted To Become As An Adult?

SR: As a young girl, initially, I wanted to be a veterinarian.   It’s oxymoronic because I am afraid of most animals… lol!   Shortly after that I decided I would work in a ceramic studio for the rest of my life. All because I loved the texture, the smell and crafting with clay which later translated to my love for concrete. I’ve always had a passion for creating.  As a young girl I’d create functional things for the home, such as pencil holders; cookie jars and wall decorations.  In my adolescent years I aspired to become an architect and later on a construction engineer. At the end of the day my fantasies are being fulfilled by association and extension of my career as a real estate broker. In jest I often joke that I can keep my hands clean and nails manicured this way.

MSJ: What Made You Decide That Los Angeles Would Be The Perfect Place To Realize Your Dreams?

SG: To be completely candid, I’ve always been drawn Los Angeles because of the climate and the representation of being a fairly new city with great opportunity for growth and impactful contributions that afforded me a chance to make my mark in a new land.  Not to mention how beautiful everything is here.

MSJ: What Has Been The Major Challenge Of Survival Since Coming to Los Angeles?

SR: I wouldn’t say that there are survival challenges specific to me coming to Los Angeles because I was focused on completing my education and pursuing my career goals.  However, as to be expected as a young professional, it has taken some time to adapt, manage personality types and engage with people who can be unscrupulous in accomplishing their business transactions.

MSJ: Was The Decision In Becoming A Realtor Decided As A Conduit For Something Else You Were Set On Becoming, Like Perhaps The Film Or Television Industries In Hollywood?

SG: I’d say that my career as a realtor is an extension of my passion for architecture, construction and design coupled with my background in business administration. I still fulfill my cravings of manual construction labor whenever opportunity surfaces.

MSJ: How Has Living In Hollywood Changed Who You Are And What You Think About Yourself As Well As The Future Living In The Toughest Town In The World?

SR: Hollywood’ has not changed me.  It has broadened my perspective of the world in general and enlightened my perception of the innate drive that everyone here has to be successful in pursuit of dreams.  I think of myself as one in the number who will be successful pursuing my dreams.

MSJ:  When You Look In The Mirror Who Do You See?

SR: When I look in the mirror I see a driven young woman.  When I look in the mirror I see an ambitious young woman full of passion.  When I look in the mirror I see a young woman of Eritrian ancestry and a product of Sweden whose come to America and made Los Angeles my home.  When I look in the mirror I see myself in my tomorrow that will remain progressive, bright and promising both figuratively and literally.