UNITED STATES—Several hundred migrants have started to arrive at the U.S. border in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. Several buses arrived with over 350 passengers overwhelming authorities in Tijuana when a second group close to the same size arrived behind them.

The first group flanked the fence in a celebratory manner. A couple dozen dared to scale the fence. Time magazine reported that one migrant was seen dropping over to the U.S. side briefly, as border agents watched nearby. The individual quickly ran back to the fence.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky and outdoorTijuana’s head of migrant services, Palencia Chavez offered to take the migrants to shelters, but they refused.

“They wanted to stay together in a single shelter,” said Palencia. “But at this time that is not possible.”

Department of Homeland Security, Katie Waldman informed Fox News, “As we have said repeatedly, being a member of a caravan doesn’t give you any special rights to enter the country.”

“If they arrive at a Port of Entry, they will have to wait in line in keeping with the lawful processes at our Ports of Entry.  If they attempt to enter illegally, they will have violated  U.S. criminal law and in accordance with the President’s proclamation and the Interim Final Rule they will be ineligible for asylum,” she added.

Jose Vargas, an immigrant from Honduras who has been on the road for the past month said, “Mexico has been excellent. We have no complaint against Mexico. The United States remains to be seen” he told KDRV.