HOLLYWOOD─I would not say I’m a little bored with “General Hospital,” but I must admit I am actually a bit bored with the soap right now. It seems like we are constantly on the fringe of big storylines exploding, but they keep getting halted. We have the custody battle between Michael and Nelle, we know who has the other half of Nina’s pendant necklace, yet we STILL do not have confirmation if Nelle is her actual daughter. Hints are pointing to Nelle maybe being Nina’s daughter, but I feel yet again this is another fake out people.

Why? It seems way too convenient in my opinion people and whenever that happens in the soap world it’s a sign of bigger things to come. With that said, the will they or won’t they tale of Michael and Willow marrying continues to rear its ugly head. How so? If Chase and Sasha are in agreement that Michael and Willow should wed in a mission to protect Wiley from Nelle, why does Michael and Nelle have such hesitation people?

Yes, we know they are in love with other people, but c’mon already.  I’m certain as a viewer it will happen, it just makes we wonder what it’ll take to finally see it come to fruition. However, I NEVER expected Chase and Sasha would actually stage a make-out session in their quest to get Willow and Michael to marry to gain the edge over Nelle. Willow was devastated, Chase was angry (it was nice to see the character show a bit of range) and Sasha was haunted by her actions.

There is one other big tale I want to discuss, that I will save for later as it’s the juiciest storyline yet to be exposed in my opinion. Charlotte is proving to be a little Devil and that is not a good thing people. She planned to place a snake in the piñata at Violet’s birthday party, but the creature ended up in Ava’s purse. It unleashed mayhem and screams from the kids at the party, and forced Lulu and Valentin (more than ever) to realize that their child has picked up devilish behavior courtesy of her papa. Yes, Charlotte is evil, and I hate saying that about a kid, but the girl learned from the best. I mean even Nina spotted Charlotte pulling out Jax’s chair causing a nasty fall, and now this stunt? What will the little kid do next before the parents intervene to do what is best for their wellbeing?

Valentin had been working crazy to get Laura to side with him to ensure Charlotte has both parents in her life, but this latest incident was a sign to Valentin that his wicked antics have rubbed off on his daughter and not in a great way people. We still have Molly juggling her tryst with Brando, while keeping the secret from TJ. Jordan is still grappling with her choice to tarnish Taggert’s name which allowed her greatest foe, Cyrus to be released from prison. He’s been roaming town, and he has yet to make any big moves, but we all know something is indeed coming, it’s just a question of when people. It looks like Mike’s final days are approaching, just as Sonny grapples with the difficult decision to make regarding his father’s health.

Let me get back to the tale that I wanted to chat about, the exposure of Peter August. However, first let’s chat about this secret ally that Peter is using to get his way. We don’t know who it is, but we do know someone is indeed helping Peter, and whoever this individual is has a level of power. At first I thought it could be Cesar Faison because that would be a welcome twist, but then I thought about it, what if it was Alex Devane, Anna’s sister! I mean can you imagine, and considering Anna has reservations that Peter is her actual son, that would be an epic revel that would blow my mind if it actually came to fruition.

With that said, Robert has NOT let go of his mission to expose Peter, so he broke into Maxie’s apartment hoping to gather evidence. However, Robert was not alone, as Spinelli was also thinking the same thing. One person is problematic, but two people with the same mission is dangerous and it looks like the smarts of Spinelli and the connections that Robert has will give them the Intel they need to neutralize and finally expose Peter August as the fraud that he is.

However, Peter’s latest ruse seems to have Robert under the impression that his other love Holly has died. Anna comforted her former lover after hearing the news, but you know Robert is going to dig to find out EXACTLY what has transpired, so this is starting to look really good people.