UNITED STATES—U.S. Senator, Mitch McConnell was harassed while having dinner with his wife, Secretary of Transportation, Elaine (Elly) Chao. They were dining at, Havana Rumba, a Cuban Bar & Grill in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday, October 19.

TMZ obtained video of the incident that shows four men approaching McConnell. One punched his table and grabbed his to-go box and threw it out the restaurant’s door.

One of the individuals can be heard in the video yelling: “Why don’t you get out of here. Leave the Country.” Patrons in the background can be heard saying, “Leave him Alone.” McConnell kept his composure during the entire incident.

This is the third time since July that McConnell has been harassed in the public sphere. He was accustomed by individuals while dining with his wife, at Bristol Bar & Grille in Louisville. He was reportedly harassed while walking through the Reagan National Airport earlier this month as well.

Mitch McConnell, hails from Kentucky and is currently serving as the Senate Majority leader. He has been re-elected five times and is the longest serving U.S. Senator in American history.