UNITED STATES—In life I think having those moments of peace are super important in life. They bring a bit of clarity, solitude and the ability for you to decompress. The problem is so many Americans don’t seem to understand that level of importance. I cannot tell you how many times during the week that I just sit in my basement with no music, no TV, no sound, just simple peace.

Why? I need it after a busy day of work. Here is the thing, during that moment of silence: I’m not thinking about things, I’m just in pure silence. It is almost like a form of meditation without actually meditating. I am being in the element that is around me: silence. I’m allowed to clear my mind for an hour or two. During that time, I don’t allow any toxicity or negativity to impact my orbit or arena.

The phone gets turned off, the iPad is out of reach, the door is closed; I get to have some serenity people, and that is something that I cannot always say I have. There are too many distractions in life in general and when you push out those distractions it makes life such a better place. On top of that, it improves my mood. If I’m indeed having a bad day, an hour of silence allows those annoying emotions to seek out of the body, the mind and the spirit people.

No one is allowed to disturb me during this time, if you hear silence, you hear no noise, the door is closed that is a sign: I do not want to be disturbed so please respect that people. Some people find it weird or odd that a person’s sits in a dark room with complete silence. You are free to have that opinion, as everyone is entitled to feel how they feel, but when I want your feedback on an issue I will ask for it. Until then, that means I care very little about how you feel about a particular situation.

See that is the problem with life, we don’t take a moment and just sit with ourselves. The pandemic allowed, let me rephrase that, the pandemic FORCED us to do that and as a result a lot of people learned things about themselves when forced to just sit down and think. That does not mean your mind should be running with scenarios when you have moments of silence, just be with the silence people.

However, I have discovered some of your best ideas come to you when you’re not even thinking about them, and for someone who makes a living off of writing and coming up with ideas, silence helps clear the mind from the clutter that at times can absolutely take over your world if you allow it. That saying of silence being golden at the movie theaters, applies to so many other things in life as well. Silence brings peace, peace brings clarity and clarity brings positivity: remember that America!

Written By Jason Jones