STUDIO CITY—During the neighborhood council meeting on Wednesday, October 16, the council learned that the Moorpark Park playground will be replaced.

The out-of-date playground, which is located at 12601 Moorpark Street, will cost $250,000 to replace, according to a statement by Darryl Ford with the Planning, Construction and Maintenance division. Ford said the equipment fees will be used to help fund the demolition of the existing playground as well as the installation of the new one.

Ford estimates that the project would be a “quick in and out project,” lasting between four to six weeks.

The new equipment will be disabled access, which means that some parts will be wheelchair accessible, and there will be a rubbery surface, known as Poured in Place, installed in the walking areas.

During the meeting, members made it clear that their Parks and Recreation Advisory Board should be notified of work that is going to be done before decisions are made and asked Ford why bathrooms were not considered in the design plans.

Ford said the department estimated most visitors spend an hour at the park and costs, impacts and potential needs to install bathrooms were not previously considered by the department.