UNITED STATES—We can use the experience of online gambling in other states to estimate how long it will take sites like sports betting AZ to be up and running. The Grand Canyon State is not the first to go through the process, which is to its advantage.

There’s a road map to follow for setting up the necessary processes and governing bodies. Another benefit that will speed things up is that operators are established in other states and will likely want to take their successful formula and recreate it in Arizona.

For those reasons, we can expect to see big names like DraftKings, BetMGM, and William Hill launching in the near future. The earliest we can expect the first bets to be placed is in winter 2021/2022.

What To Expect

The Department of Gaming, which is to act as the Arizona regulator, has announced that it expects to issue the first licenses in September. It gives operators a few months to arrange partnerships with land-based casinos, build the AZ versions of their website, get geolocation services in order, and deal with the other tasks associated with running a successful sportsbook.

There are ten licenses available. As well as partnering with land-based casino operations, we can expect sports betting to connect to the major sports franchises in the state, such as the Arizona Cardinals, Coyotes, Diamondbacks, and Phoenix Suns. 

In-person betting could be available at locations in time for the start of the NFL season. However, online operations are likely to take some additional time. Arizona bettors can expect bonuses, promotions, and excellent markets with a choice of bet types. Further down the line, mobile applications dedicated to sports betting will also launch.

Bottom Line

The state is just days away from being able to place the first in-person sports bets. Online entertainment options will increase significantly a few months later, with a variety of sportsbooks launching.

Fantasy sports will also be part of the package, which means sports fans can try to win money with their knowledge and predictions. The revenue from taxes is likely to improve several aspects of the community, as seen in other states where online gambling is legal such as Pennsylvania. There’s plenty to look forward to! There’s usually a gap between the legalization of sports betting and the emergence of sportsbooks. In April 2021, the House passed a bill making sports betting legal in Arizona. Sports fans looking for some extra entertainment might be wondering what this means for them. How soon can they expect to visit an online sportsbook?