LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Police Department put matters into their own hands during the opening game day at Dodger Stadium, by arresting more than 100 people for public alcohol usage.

A representative from the LAPD Media Relations Section told Canyon News that 132 arrests were made due to public drinking on Tuesday, April 13.

Alongside with officers from General Services, police from the Northeast Division surveyed the venue’s parking lot and the neighborhoods that surround it, including Elysian Park.

“Officers will be cracking down on all drinking in public violations committed by game goers,” said the LAPD in a press release prior to the game. According to the LAPD, past tailgating parties involving alcohol led to fights and traffic problems.

The LAPD also stated, “This year, we cited and not warned individuals who drank in public in the park, the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium and the stadium parking lot,”

The LAPD said that fans were not allowed to line their vehicles at the gate entrance until 10 a.m., and discouraged all game goers in arriving too early, as there was little parking available in the area surrounding Dodger Stadium.

The Los Angeles Dodgers played against the Arizona Diamondbacks.