MALIBU—Sky Dog Ranch Sanctuary, in Malibu, were surprised to find a mountain lion in a peacock cage on Thursday, July 26.

The founder of the sanctuary, Claire Staples went to the cage to feed the peacocks when she spotted the mountain lion perched on a branch in the cage. Claire was in close proximity to the wildcat and was able to get video footage of her encounter. The mountain lion appeared to be looking at her the whole time without showing any signs of aggression.

“We are very sad to report that this morning we went to feed the two peacocks and there was a mountain lion inside their cage and both peacocks were eaten. As sad as we are to lose our birds this is a natural predator doing what comes naturally to him or her. Mustang Dream is fine and not agitated and safe and we can shut her inside at night. For the full video go to our Facebook page,” posted Sky Dog Ranch Sanctuary on its Instagram page.

KTLA spoke with Staples who after evaluating the situation contacted the California Fish and Wildlife center to get the mountain lion removed from the region. The Facebook page for Sky Dog Ranch Sanctuary verified that the mountain lion took off before the California Fish and Wildlife arrived on the scene.

Sky Dog Ranch is a sanctuary for wild mustang horses, peacocks, and emus that have been subject to dangerous situations including kill pens and auctions. Many of the animals that end up at the facility have endured unforeseen circumstances, and the program gives the animals a safe place to roam.