MALIBU—A DUI checkpoint set up in Malibu on Friday, June 12 resulted in 10 arrests. The majority of those arrested were not driving under the influence. Most were driving with a suspended license or did not have a license at all.

The purpose of a DUI checkpoint is to arrest those who are under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, but arrests can happen for other reasons. Police check the IDs of everyone that goes through the checkpoint and if there is a problem, it can result in either an arrest or impounding of a person’s vehicle.

Some believe that DUI checkpoints violate the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures, and are therefore unconstitutional. During checkpoints, police are allowed to stop all individuals driving without probable cause.

The checkpoints are meant to dissuade those from driving while under the influence, without their license, or with a suspended license.