WEST HOLLYWOOD—Police arrived at the corner of Franklin Ave and North Sycamore Ave at 9:43 p.m. on November 19, where witnesses said that an individual was armed with a gun, which lead to a pursuit on foot.

Police would later clarify that the address for the incident was North Orange Dr. and Hollywood Blvd. They weren’t allowing any incoming traffic around the perimeter they had set, which was around where the incident had been reported.

During the pursuit, police eventually discovered that the individual was last seen running through multiple apartment complexes. That’s when the LAPD utilized a helicopter to help locate the suspect.

Authorities had attempted to box the suspect into a specific area, which ended up being an underground parking lot, according to reports. They ultimately focused their search for the suspect in a particular building nearby.

Less than 10 minutes after the incident was first reported, police stated they had detained an individual, then attempted to confirm if this was the suspect that witnesses said was armed who authorities were pursuing.

They would go on to detain another possible suspect, but still weren’t able to confirm either individuals as the suspects they were looking for.

Most of what occurred during the police search was being documented by multiple Citizen app users on their mobile phones.