STUDIO CITY — This past Wednesday October 21 Debra Graff held her live jazz musical showcase “In My Special Room” benefiting the Innocence Project.

Every other Wednesday from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. Graff provides a space that allows instrumentalist to come together and perform together.

The live jazz musicians showcase last week had appearances by Mitch Forman, Gary Fukushima, Sunnie Paxson, Frank Potenza, Jamieson Trotter, and Terry Wollman. The showcase took place over Zoom to still comply with the CDC recommendation of no large groups or social gatherings during this time.

“I’m hosting these concerts to support creativity and live music while giving back to the community. All proceeds go directly to the Innocence Project, an amazing organization that finds the necessary DNA evidence to finally free innocent victims who have been falsely accused, wrongly convicted, and unjustly incarcerated for decades” stated Graff.

The majestic evening consisted of artist sharing original pieces, song covers, and a few first seen premiers. Terry Wollman premiered his project featuring Ray Jupiter and  Donald Webber Jr. (Beautiful) Sound Of Us which is streaming now on You tube, Apple music, and the iTunes store. This particular piece’s message was to encourage people to get out and vote this 2020 election. “This is my first time sharing this video live and it’s inspired by all the chaos going on currently and encouraging everyone to get out there and vote. Educate yourself it is our right” closed Wollman.

Jamieson Trotter shared a piece that he played on the piano. Trotter had shared that when his son was younger he would ask him “Daddy how much do you love me” and that inspired him to compose the song played during the showcase. He opened up with the songs “As deep as the ocean” and “How high is the sky”. Trotter followed his first piece with another song accompanied by his friend Roxy.

Jim Watson and his band performed as they had saxophone, trumpets, bass and drums harmonizing.

At the end of the evening pianist Mitchell Forman paid tribute to musical artist Keith Garrett. Playing Original pieces “Gorgeous” for the first song and “Cartoons” was the name of his second piece.

Aside from hosting her musical showcases Graff also host a nightly podcast “Sleepless In Studio City” at 9 p.m. on where you can find out more information on these talented musicians from many of her musical showcases. “After Covid, I reached out to many of these superstar talents to perform on my Showcases. They were so appreciative to finally have somewhere to play, albeit a challenging venue, and eager to support the Innocence Project. I’m completely humbled by the outpouring of their gracious and generous contributions” shared Graff.