HOLLYWOOD—Man I’m a massive fan of the CBS reality competition series “Big Brother.” I have been watching this series since it very first began and I’ve only missed maybe 2-3 seasons (season 4, season 9, trust me you’re not missing anything if you skip these seasons). Some seasons are way better than others, I mean for a beginner I’d recommend, seasons 6, 8 and 10, where the level of gameplay was at an all-time high in my opinion, with players who knew and actually played the game. However, I’ve been trying to keep my fingers crossed for the latest installment in the franchise, “Big Brother 18,” and these players are frustrating me to DEATH.

I mean this is a season where alas “Big Brother 14” we sort of have the coaches twist, without actual coaches, but veterans. If you happen to call Nicole, James, Da’Vonne and Frank veterans some might argue otherwise. This is a testament why the franchise needs to give audiences another all-stars season. I mean “Big Brother 7” was the last time we had a true-all stars season and the level of gameplay that time around was epic to say the least. These teases with newbies and veterans just don’t mesh well, because so many vets make the same mistakes over and over again, and they forget they are playing for $500,000.

The season kicked off slightly strong, but with a TON of twists that left some of the more entertaining players, Tiffany, Frank, Da’Vonne and Paulie to be evicted and we’re left with two showmances (that are beyond annoying in Corey, Nicole, James and Natalie) and underdogs Paul and Victor. It seems no one is playing the game, and for a fan of the series it’s super tough to watch, but at the same time, you get the reaction of having to watch to keep yourself in the know of what is transpiring.

Fans, including myself were happy to see the alliance between Victor, Paul, James, Michelle and Natalie, align to take out Paulie, Nicole and Corey. However, in a matter of 1 day Natalie’s emotions shattered the alliance and we’re left with players making stupid mistakes and not utilizing strategy. Some have complained that BB18 has one too many twists, but I agree with every twist because they are needed now more than ever to keep this season even watchable.

The pre-jury buyback shook the house, caused a shift in power and took out some power players, the double eviction saw several players games come to a screeching halt and with the jury buyback we saw Victor get a third chance to win the ultimate prize. The showmances, ‘Jatalie’ and ‘Nicorey’ are just sickening to me; I’ve never seen more horrid players in my life. Please BB Gods DO NOT CONSIDER either James or Nicole for another season of BB.

Neither James or Nicole are playing the game; they’re more focused on their significant other, and to be honest, I don’t see Natalie and James lasting outside the house, and as for Corey, we have yet to get a single confessional where he talks about his relationship with Nicole. I mean out of all the contestants this season Corey might be the biggest dud; he has virtually NO PERSONALITY and I’d be happier if Glenn was still in the house over Corey and that almost happened with that first competition people. I mean we could be looking at a final two with Nicole and Corey people! If Corey were to win this game I literally might boycott BB next year. Not a fan of players winning the game who never really played the game, and we’ve had a few players every season scope to the end and they shouldn’t.

I seriously would love for one season to see the best of the best actually make it to the end and vie for the top prize. Perhaps, they should implement a new twist that randomly chooses a player each week to be nominated; place contestants in a situation where they are forced to compete, lie, betray, socialize and strategize to stay in the game. What baffles me is that the houseguests continually fail to realize the one thing that can impact the game most is utilizing doubt and paranoia to their advantage. I think doubt is more important, because if you can plant that seed it can spread like a plague.

We have less than a month left of “Big Brother 18,” and I will be honest the rest of this season unfortunately lies in this jury buyback so if we don’t see a major player return and align with those who are on the outs to take out the majority, BB18 might go down as one of the most underwhelming seasons in the franchise’s history. Guess what, that’s not a good look people.