STEVENSON RANCH—On Monday, November 18, the California Highway Patrol reported that a woman who was driving a vehicle naked crashed the vehicle twice, killing a 6 year-old and injuring a 2-year-old. The first crash was reported after 9 a.m. near The Old Road south of Pico Canyon Road in Stevenson Ranch.

The second crash occurred minutes later, after the suspect kept driving the vehicle running a red light and hitting a power pole at the corner of The Old Road and Pico Canyon.

Both children were in the back seat of the car when it caught fire. Witnesses at the scene removed the children from the vehicle, but neither were wearing seat belts. The 2-year-old is listed in critical condition. According to reports, the driver is believed to be the woman of the children, but those details have not been confirmed by authorities. She is listed in stable condition.

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash and if alcohol may have played a factor.